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February 07-02, 2025

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Aspiring to move up from User Experience (UX) practitioner to UX leader with richer and deeper design knowledge?

Take the next step in your UX career with HFI Training's advanced Certified User Experience Analyst (CXA™ ) certification. You will learn about topics such as persuasion design, omni-channel strategy, innovation and org-level UX maturity and how to apply this knowledge to real-world complex design projects. With this certification, you get in-depth learning that will equip you to create an impact at the boardroom level.

Certification Details
  • The track includes 4 courses (covered in 10 days) that are taught by HFI Training's instructors.
  • You can either take the courses individually or together as a pack – with great discounts.
  • To get the certification, you need to take and pass the CXA exam, conducted by HFI Training.
  • You can opt for in-person classes or live online, as per the availability.
Course Details

Learn to develop persuasive strategies and implement research-based methods throughout the design process to make your website more trustworthy and convincing.

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This advanced class reveals how to apply the PET™ perspective to strategy, innovation, and application design in order to ensure successful conversion.

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Ensure seamless interaction across customer touchpoints

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Transform ad hoc UX practices into a mature, sustainable operation

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₹ 150,000
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Upcoming Schedules

Starts February 07, 2025
Live Online


Program Duration
10 Days / 80 Hours

Class Size
24 Participants

Live Online


Our Instructors

Ashish Majumdar - Photo of instructor at HFI

Ashish Majumdar

VP Solutions & UX Educator

Masood Nasser - Photo of speaker at HFI

Masood Nasser

UX Leader

Shruti Suman - Photo of instructor at HFI

Shruti Suman

Design Strategist and Educator


If you’re a UX practitioner looking to make a difference in customer behavior with your designs, then having the CXA certification is right for you. HFI’s CXA is the industry’s gold standard in advanced and rich UX training. It recognizes that you are well qualified in creating designs that have the potential to convert customers. The certification equips you to move up the UX career ladder and be recognized as a leader who is able to connect the dots between experience design and business gains.

The CXA™ training covers advanced UX skills and knowledge such as:

  • Designing for Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust (PET)
  • Applying psychological principles to enhance customer engagement
  • Creating a PET strategy, meme and frame
  • Launching new business models and products based on ecosystem research
  • Assessing maturing of your own UX operation
  • Recommending next steps to increase maturity

You will find like-minded professionals from the design and allied fields such as UX designers, graphic and visual designers, interaction architects, UI developers, marketing and other business stakeholders who will benefit from this foundational UX knowledge.

You will experience an invigorating atmosphere in the class. Our instructors are also real-world UX consultants. They enhance the classroom teaching with practical insights from real projects (for Fortune 500 clients) they’ve worked on, demonstrating how you can apply what you’re learning in class. You will walk away with a vast amount of researched and empirical UX knowledge and up-to- date best practices.

HFI is diligent about updating our course material with the latest trends, best practices and examples from real-world UX.

The cost covers:

  • In-depth classroom teaching (entire CXA™ track including all 4 courses lasts 10 days)
  • Comprehensive electronic study material that preps you for the CXA exam
  • Online CXA™ exam (and one re-attempt in 6 months if required)

While you do have the option to pick individual courses, it is recommended to complete the 4 courses from the CXCXA track. This will cover all the topics for the CXA exam, and you can get your certification successfully. Moreover, the 4 courses are designed to provide you the practical skills that you will need during diverse strategic and tactical UX design projects. Taking all the courses prepares you holistically for your role as a UX practitioner and furthers your career progression.

If you’ve attended the entire 10 days of CXA training, then you are already well prepared to clear the CXA exam! If you don’t pass in the first attempt, you can make a second attempt within 6 months at no extra cost.

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