Our instructors have the knowledge and the capability to do so and are the core of every successful learning experience. Each instructor has undergone rigorous assessments and training to ensure that they have the right skills and expertise to deliver the training with results.

A lot of work goes into ensuring the quality of HFI Training Instructors and the applicability of the content of the course. Only the best trainers and course materials will help trainees achieve their goals.

List of Instructors

Aboli Maydeo - Photo of instructor at HFI

Aboli Maydeo

UX Consultant and Educator

Ashish Majumdar - Photo of instructor at HFI

Ashish Majumdar

VP Solutions & UX Educator

Aveek Majumder - Photo of instructor at HFI

Aveek Majumdar

UX Consultant and Educator

Komal Kapoor - Photo of instructor at HFI

Komal Kapoor

UX Consultant and Educator

Masood Nasser - Photo of instructor at HFI

Masood Nasser

UX Leader

Nashedd Kulay - Photo of instructor at HFI

Nasheed Kulay

UX Consultant and Educator

Sachendra Yadav - Photo of instructor at HFI

Sachendra Yadav

UX Consultant

Shruti Suman - Photo of instructor at HFI

Shruti Suman

Design Strategist and Educator

Yogesh Tadwalkar - Photo of instructor at HFI

Yogesh Tadwalkar

UX Consultant and Educator

Daniel G. Cabrero

Daniel G. Cabrero

Agile User Research consultant

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  • A great deal of passion for teaching and sharing knowledge
  • Domain expertise with relevant certifications
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • A commitment to developing and delivering best-in-class UX training to a global audience
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