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10 September, 2024
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$ 3,500

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5 Days / 40 Hours
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If your designs and content can evoke Persuasion, Emotion and Trust (PET™), you can look forward to more effective and engaging interactions. With HFI's Certified Digital Persuasion Analyst (CDPA™) certification, you will learn how to apply psychology to create this emotional connect with your customers and influence their behaviour.

Certification Details
  • The track includes 2 courses (5 days of training) plus the CDPA exam.
  • The exam covers the course content, application of principles and essay questions demonstrating your understanding of concepts.
  • Classes are live online.
Course Details

Learn to develop persuasive strategies and implement research-based methods throughout the design process to make your website more trustworthy and convincing.

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This advanced class reveals how to apply the PET perspective to strategy, innovation, and application design in order to ensure successful conversion.

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Program Fee

$ 3,500 plus applicable taxes

For Training and Certification Exam

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Upcoming Schedules

Starts September 10-18, 2024
Live Online Class


Program Duration
10 Days / 80 Hours

Class Size
24 Participants

Live Online


Our Instructors

Komal Kapoor

Abdul Suleiman

UX Leader and Educator

Komal Kapoor

Suzi Shapiro

UX Leader and Educator


If you belong to professions such as User Experience Design, Marketing, Visual Design, Product Design, or Content Writing, then having the CDPA™ certification stamp is an advantage. HFI’s CDPA™ proves that you are more than a usability professional and have the expertise to create effective and engaging digital interactions. You will gain repute as a rich experience designer that can influence your customer behavior and decision making.

The CDPA™ training covers advanced skills and knowledge such as:

  • Persuasive approach to strategy & design
  • PET-driven data gathering and analysis
  • Creation of a core PET meme
  • Research-based PET tools
  • Validating the persuasiveness and emotional impact of your designs

You will find like-minded professionals from the design and allied fields such as UX designers, graphic and visual designers, interaction architects, UI developers, marketing, content creators, and other business stakeholders who will benefit from this knowledge.

You will experience an invigorating atmosphere in the class. Our instructors are also real-world UX consultants. They enhance the classroom teaching with practical insights from real projects (for Fortune 500 clients) they’ve worked on, demonstrating how you can apply what you’re learning in class. You will walk away with a vast amount of researched and empirical UX knowledge and up-to-date best practices.

HFI is diligent about updating our course material with the latest trends, best practices and examples from real-world UX.

The cost covers:

  • In-depth classroom teaching (entire CDPA™ track including all 2 courses for 5 days)
  • Comprehensive electronic study material that preps you for the exam
  • Online CDPA™ exam (and one re-attempt in 6 months if required)

If you’ve attended the entire 5 days of training, then you are already well prepared to clear the CDPA™ exam! If you don’t pass in the first attempt, you can make a second attempt within 6 months at no extra cost.

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