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Geared for usability and user experience professionals, marketers, web and app designers, this course will give you an overview of how to:

Create designs that motivate specific actions and align with measurable business goals Increase customer conversion, loyalty, and adoption Test and measure the emotional impact and credibility of your website

Topics Covered

Designing for Trust | Emotional Design | Persuasion Facts, Experience and Pay | Impression | Persuasion Pressure | Deepening Your Skills

Meet Your Mentors

Abdul Suleiman

Abdul Suleiman

Abdul Suleiman has created meaningful experiences for over 40 of the world's leading companies including Citi, AT&T, Disney, GE, Chase, and more. He has an equally strong teaching background having taught in DePaul University's graduate UX program in addition to nine other universities. If you're a big believer in a kinder digital experience, you'll love learning from him.

Suzi Shapiro

Suzi Shapiro

Suzi has over 25 years of experience with User Experience (UX) consulting and training and is a Lead Instructor for HFI’s CUA TM and CXA courses. She has conducted public and private courses in the United States and Internationally. As a consultant, Suzi assists clients with developing a UX strategy as well as assisting with research to create products that are usable, accessible, attractive, and engaging. She has worked on projects for various clients such as Reuters, the State of California, Brooks Cole, and Wm C Brown Publishing.

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