Service Design processes can take the confusion in your product and turn it into clarity!

The digital world does not have as many of the physical elements that make things recognizable and predictable. Helping people make the transition from physical reality to a virtual world requires thought and research. A clear understanding is needed to support the processes to eliminate misunderstanding and confusion when people must interact with a screen instead of a physical world and a person. The Service Design Workshop takes you through processes that help you to: 

  • Clarify your thinking about the needs of people who are new to your product.
  • Create a predictable set of steps needed to use your product
  • Find places in your processes that need improvement.
  • Make your product a success

Event Speaker

Dr. Suzi Shapiro

CUA, CXA, MA, PHD (Human Factors Psychology)

Consulting Lead Usability Analyst, Course Instructor

Suzi has over 25 years of experience with User Experience (UX) consulting and training. Suzi’s previous positions include being a tenured professor of Psychology and Informatics at Indiana University East where she developed the first web-based introductory psychology course in 1996 and she taught online for over 20 years. She has received awards for excellence in teaching and innovative use of technology in the classroom.